Using LEDs to Add More Shimmer to Your Aquarium

A very efficient way of adding dramatic shimmer effects and glitter lines to your aquarium is by using LEDs.  Prior to LED technology, making your water shimmer was only possible by using metal halides and HQI lighting.  Now with LED lighting, it is easier than ever to add stunning shimmer and glitter to a reef aquarium without adding the heat and high cost of electricity.

Let’s say you have already a compact fluorescent (power compact) or fluorescent (T5, T8 or T12) aquarium light fixture, and you want to add some shimmer lines. Our 8,000K White Stunner LED Strips (#8012 or #8011) will add the most dramatic shimmer effect and can easily be mounted to your light fixture using either the 3M adhesive tape or mounting clips (included).  If your light fixture is higher in output (6+ T5HO lamps), then we normally recommend using our 8K/453nm Panorama Module (#8200).  The module can be mounted directly to your fixture by attaching it to the docking mount track of your light fixture.  In addition, if you have an aquarium canopy, both the Stunner LED strips and Panorama Modules can be mounted directly to the inside of the canopy using the hardware included.

If you have an all-in-one nano aquarium, our Stunner LED strips (#8012 or #8011) will add the shimmer and are a snap to install.  Simply remove the splash lens from your AIO hood and mount them directly to the internal reflector.  Stunner LED strips are completely linkable, so the more strips you use, the more dramatic you’ll find the shimmer.

Don’t forget, it takes two things to make your water shimmer – a point source light (like LED) and strong surface agitation.  The more you can make your water ripple at the surface, the more dramatic the shimmer lines will be in your aquarium.  It can be as easy as pointing a return nozzle or angling your circulation pump a bit more towards the water surface.  Even air stones and power heads can give you just enough agitation to get the glitter lines rolling.

Panorama-LED_ShimmerA few more shimmer tips:

– Using white or a combination of white and blue LEDs will provide the most dramatic effects.

– Glitter lines are not just for marine fish and reef tanks, you can add some stunning effects by adding shimmer to your freshwater tank.

– If your seeing “too much” shimmer, reduce the amount surface agitation.

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