LED Stunner Strips – Not Just for Small Tanks

This 200-gallon reef aquarium is lit with Stunner LED strips. The Stunner LED strip setup replaced 3 x 250-watt MH and four standard fluorescents.

It’s a beautiful example of a large reef aquarium featuring pretty low light corals such as colts, zoos, star polyps, some plate corals, ricordias, a torch, some softies and the like.


The Stunner LED strips are a combination of 8000K White/453nm Blue and straight 453nm Actinic blue strips. The strips are mounted inside the canopy in 4 lengthwise circuits with each circuit extending across the entire length of the tank. All of the 453nm Blue Stunner strips are on their own circuit.

This arrangement allows control over intensity and blending of the white light with the blue without the need for any dimmers.

“I think this is a great LED solution for a large tank.  I tried, but I do not think the pictures accurately capture what it looks like in my living room. The all-blue effect at night is absolutely breathtaking but did not work when I tried to take the picture so I will leave that to your imagination. They are all very healthy so far, and are growing like crazy!”

– Thanks Brent I. and Bruce at Aquatek Tropicals.


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