LED Stunner Strips – Not Just for Small Tanks

This 200-gallon reef aquarium is lit with Stunner LED strips. The Stunner LED strip setup replaced 3 x 250-watt MH and four standard fluorescents.

It’s a beautiful example of a large reef aquarium featuring pretty low light corals such as colts, zoos, star polyps, some plate corals, ricordias, a torch, some softies and the like.


The Stunner LED strips are a combination of 8000K White/453nm Blue and straight 453nm Actinic blue strips. The strips are mounted inside the canopy in 4 lengthwise circuits with each circuit extending across the entire length of the tank. All of the 453nm Blue Stunner strips are on their own circuit.

This arrangement allows control over intensity and blending of the white light with the blue without the need for any dimmers.

“I think this is a great LED solution for a large tank.  I tried, but I do not think the pictures accurately capture what it looks like in my living room. The all-blue effect at night is absolutely breathtaking but did not work when I tried to take the picture so I will leave that to your imagination. They are all very healthy so far, and are growing like crazy!”

- Thanks Brent I. and Bruce at Aquatek Tropicals.


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27 Responses to “LED Stunner Strips – Not Just for Small Tanks”

  1. Snowman says:

    On your tank before you had I am guessing around 1100 watts of light. How many do you have now? I know they talk about Par ratings. Do you know how many you have and how do you determine that? How long have you had your new lighting system at work, how many hours do you run it and do you use refugium. Your tank looks Great. Thanks for any reply.
    The Snowman!

  2. James says:

    A stunning color balance, beautiful!

  3. Nick says:

    How many units are you actually running? 4 complete circuits of 6? 24 stunner strips in total? Looks great!

  4. Ecoxotic says:

    Hi Snowman – your correct, this aquarium used to be lit with over 1000 watts of lighting. It is now down to under 175 watts. The tank has been set up now for over one month.

  5. Ecoxotic says:

    Hi Nick – yes, its a total of around 20 LED strips.

  6. Javier says:

    Wao I’m impressed. I have a 72″ (length), 18″ (width) and 22.4″ (depth) aquarium that will like to change the lighting for LED’s. I was thinking to use a combination of 2-Retro and some stunner strips. Currently I have some soft corals, mushrooms and a live rock/inverts stock in my aquarium and I will like to select the appropriate LED arrangement to light properly my aquarium. My aquarium is like 3 years old and I will like to move more deep in corals ( I still an amateur on this area). I will appreciate the forum help for advice in which options are the best and also how to combine the white, blue and UV lights options. Thanks for your help.

  7. Ecoxotic says:

    Hi Javier,

    Sounds like a great tank! Your right on track – for a tank of this size, using two Panorama Retrofits and some Stunner LED strips will work great. On the Stunner LED strips, we would recommend linking 4 to 5 of the 453nm Blue Strips – the tank will look great!

  8. Javier says:

    Appreciate your quick reply. I have another question: What is the light coverage for the Stunner LED strips?

  9. Matt says:

    did you use any of the lenses that they offer i was wondering if they helped the light out pout or dose it just faces the light witch intern you in up spotlighting your corals. I have bean looking at several different brand of led lights but still not sure witch one to go with my tank is 48″long 24″front to back & 30″ tall so i am worried that there won’t get enuf light to the bottom of my tank

  10. Ecoxotic says:

    Hi Matt,

    No lenses were used on these lights – only the reflectors. The reflectors simply focus the light down – so you actually get almost exactly double the output. As long as the strips have reflectors, they will reach the bottom without any issues!

  11. Ecoxotic says:

    Hi Javier,

    The spread on a Stunner strip is usually around 15″ x 8″. Thanks!

  12. matt says:

    thanks for answering. I also wanted to know what the difference between the panorama led modules and the stunner strip. Dose the panorama have different leds or is it because it has the case around it that makes the difference? i know the stunner has 24 leds pre strip and the panorama has 12 leds pre modules. also were you talking about the stunner reflector for 6.95$ thanks again for you help

  13. Ecoxotic says:

    Hi Matt,

    The Panorama LED modules use higher power LED chips driven to 1 watt each, so they have a fair amount of “punch” in terms of water depth. The Stunner strips use a lower output type LED and are 0.25 watts each. They work great for shallow aquariums and for color accents – on larger tanks you just need to use many more of them to get the “punch” in depth. If your tank is deeper than 20″, you should likely use the Panorama Modules.

    Yes, the reflectors for the Stunner strips are $6.95 each.

  14. Aaron says:

    This tank looks great. Does anyone happen to know how many of these or the panorama modules it would take to light a 210 gallon freshwater fish only aquarium? Thanks.

  15. Ecoxotic says:

    Hi Aaron,
    You could easily use 4-6 Stunner LED strips or 3 Panorama Modules over a freshwater tank!

  16. Scott Fisher says:

    I have a 45 gallon IFS tank with a canopy…my power compacts will be one year old in a few weeks, so I want to switch to LED lighting. I was under the impression that the stunner strips with reflectors would be sufficient for the reef tank, but it appears that panorama is better? The tank is over 20″ deep, but with the reflectors would the strips be powerful enough? Thanks…love the website!

  17. Ecoxotic says:

    Yep, if your only going down 20″, the Stunner strips with reflectors will work just fine. The Panorama Modules do give a bit more “punch”, but at a 20″ depth, you can just use the Stunner strips.

  18. Roger says:

    I have a 155g AGA bowfront (72 x 24 x 25) that I’m just now setting up. I plan on using artificial coral from livingcolor so I only need to be concerned with the visual effect and not any type of coral light requirements. My mounting height is about 8″ above the glass covers that sit atop a tank that is about 24″ deep. If I use reflectors on stunner strips will that be sufficient to light the aquarium and if so I was thinkig of 2 strips of 6. One strip of white and one of blue on seperate transformers. Do you think that the glass covers will become an issue with reflecting light back instead of letting in pass through? I guess I can always eliminate the glass covers as there is a canopy which is what the strips will attach to although I think I would prefer to keep the covers to stop jumpers if I can.

  19. Ecoxotic says:

    Yep, if you use the reflectors it will provide plenty of light for your tank – even mounting them 8″ above the top. When mounting them that high, the reflectors will definitely focus more light down into the tank. The glass covers should not be an issue, most hobbyists keep them in place and they work just fine!

  20. Double D says:

    I have a 24 gallon Current USA Cardiff that is 20 inches deep. What is the optimum Stunner set up for corals (i.e. how many and what colors)? Thanks.

  21. Ecoxotic says:

    On the 24 gallon Cardiff, actually the new Panorama Pro modules would work better for corals. You could use two of our 12K/455nm Blue Modules and it would make your tank (and corals) look amazing. If you wanted to do any type of dawn/dusk control, just use 1x12K module and 1x445nm Blue Module.

  22. Laura says:

    Hello. I have a 20 gal tall, coral only. Soft and hard coral. I’m currently using 2 strips of blue for the front and 2 strips of blue/magenta for mid tank.
    1-Is this enough “light” for dawn/dusk and not just for accent?
    2-How many white or panoramas would I require for complete tank coverage?
    3-Do I need to use reflectors?
    I’m using another mfg’s white LED fixtures for daylight but am not able to separately control their white/blue lighting. Either only white/blue, all blue, or off are possible.
    4-Is there a daylight option you might suggest using your fixtures?
    Thank you

  23. Ecoxotic says:

    Hi Laura,

    On a 20 gallon tall reef tank with SPS corals, we would really recommend adding one more Panorama Pro Module in 12K White/445nm Blue. This would give you enough light for anything you wanted. If you get the module, yes – use the reflector as it will give you a bit more punch. Adding one will be all you need!

    The Ecoxotic Team

  24. Marianne says:

    I have a 14 gallon Oceanic BioCube. I would like to remove the current CP lighting with the ecoxotic lighting. I currently have 10,000K 24 watt and Actinic blue 24 watt.

    Should I purchase 2 Panorama Pro Modules (12,000 19 watt & 445nBlue), should I purchase 3 stunners ( magenta/12,000K, 8000K/453n & 453n) or 1 panorama Pro module 12,000K with 453n blue stunner?

    Sorry if this is confusing. Thank you for your help. My CPs really heat up my aquarium in the summer.

    Thank you.

  25. Ecoxotic says:

    Marianne, thanks for asking the question, can you tell us what inhabitants you have in your tank? And you are wise to switch to LEDs, you’ll keep your aquarium alot cooler and cut down on the cost of electricity!

  26. Rondo says:

    Hi, I recently converted a 20 gallon long Freshwater tank over to Saltwater. I want to set up a reef tank and keep a variety of hard and soft corals and zooanthids and probably later on a clam.

    I currently have a 30 inch 2 bulb t5 @ 24 watts each one 10k and one 6500k. I know that isn’t going to cut it. I want to know if I add the 24 inch stunner strips with reflectors to the current fixture how many would I need to grow just about anything. Are they about the same as a 24 watt t5 bulb? would 4 stunner strips be the same as a 4 bulb t5 fixture? Would 4 24 inch stunners light up a 30 inch long by 12-13 inch deep tank and allow me to grow just about anything ?

  27. Ecoxotic says:

    I understand that you also asked this question in Zendesk and you got your answer. Are you good?