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There is no light coming from the fixture

Check to see that the unit is plugged into a 115V power source
Check the reset button on the GFCI
Check to see if the power switch is turned on
Check to make sure the lid is installed on the fixture

After operating for a period time the entire fixture turns off

The fixture is turning off on thermal overload as a result of operating beyond its rated temperature. The ambient temperature must be reduced. If the fixture is in a canopy, it must be removed.

My Panorama Modules feel hot, is that normal?

Yes, it is normal for the Panorama Modules to feel hot to the touch.

When the lid is removed the entire fixture turns off.

You should always unplug the fixture before servicing or before accessing the aquarium. The Panorama is equipped with a micro switch as a back up device if you forget to unplug the fixture before removing the lid. Once the lid is removed the power to the unit is turned off.

An entire strip of LED’s are not operating

Unplug the unit from the AC source and open the top lid of the fixture. Locate the individual transformer that powers the LED strip that is not operating. Exchange the output wires with a transformer that you know is operating. If the LED strip is now working, you must replace the transformer that was connected to the LED strip in question. If the LED strip is still not working, the LED strip must be replaced. Replacement strips and modules are available here.

Some of the LED’s on one of the strips are not working

Unplug the unit from the AC source and open the top lid of the fixture. Locate the individual transformer that powers the LED strip. Disconnect the wires at the terminal block that connect to the LED strip. Remove the LED strip and replace. Replacement strips and modules are available here.

Panorama module shuts off, flashes or blinks when installed in an all-in-one plastic top style nano-aquarium

Most all-in-one aquariums have a molded plastic top which can act as an insulator causing the module to overheat. Either the fans in the hood need to remain on when the module operates or more vents need to be added to the top. If using more than one Panorama Module, ensure they are not touching each other and allow as much space between them for proper ventilation.

Water looks cloudy when using a 403nm violet LED strip

The Stunner is not defective, the 403nm wavelength tends to pick up any suspended solids in the water column – both tiny debris and chemicals. Ensure all of the aquariums mechanical & chemical filter pads are completely clean.

My Panorama Retro keeps blinking and turning on & off intermittently, whats wrong?

The Panorama Retro features an integrated temperature switch which protects the LEDs from
overheating. If your Panorama Retro over heats – it will blink/flash or turn on & off intermittently.
This is an indication that more cooling is required. If you have installed your Panorama Retro
inside a canopy, simply add a cooling fan to provide more active cooling and your retro should
operate fine.