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Product Downloads

Manuals for all Ecoxotic products are available here. To help keep things as green as possible, we’ve done our best to provide downloads rather than print outs wherever the lawyers will allow. We hope you will also consider the environment before deciding to print these downloads.

Instruction Manuals for LED Lighting

File NameUpdated (Year/Month)
E-Series Video Instructions (Vimeo Link)2015.06
E-Series Hanging Kit Instructions2015.06
Cannon PRO LED Instructions2015.05
0-10V Ramp Timer Instructions2014.10
E Series Full Spectrum LED Manual2014.05
Cannon LED 100w Flood Pendant Manual2013.06
RGB PAR38 Lamp Manual2013.06
Panorama Pro Tank Mount Manual2013.04
Cannon 120w Circular Pendant Manual2013.04
Panorama Pro RGB Module Manual2013.03
Panorama Pro Wall Mount Manual2013.02
Hanging Kit Manual2013.02
24" Panorama Pro LED Fixture Manual2013.01
18" Panorama Pro Fixture Manual2013.01
Simple OneTouch Controller Manual2013.01
Panorama Pro LED Fixture Hanging Kit2012.12
Panorama Marine & Actinic Blue LED Manual2012.08
Panorama Marine & Actinic Blue Care Guide2012.08
Panorama Pro RGB Controller Manual2012.02
Inline LED Dimmer Manual2011.12
Panorama Pro Tank Mount V1.0 Manual2011.12
Panorama Pro LED Fixture Manual (Generation 2)2011.12
Panorama Fixture Hanging Kit Manual2011.11
Panorama Fixture Wall Mount Kit Manual2011.11
Panorama Pro RGB Module Manual2011.11
EcoPico Aquarium Manual2011.06
Panorama Pro LED Module Manual V2.02011.06
Stunner LED Strip Manual2011.06
Cannon LED Pendant 100 Watt Manual2011.04
Panorama LED Module V1.0 Manual2010.12
Panorama 36 LED Retrofit Manual2010.07
Cannon LED Pendant 50 watt Manual2010.07
Ecoxotic Cubed Aquarium Manual2010.01
Panorama LED Fixture Generation 1 Manual2009.10
Panorama Fixture Stand Mount Kit Manual2009.10

Product Specification Sheets

File NameUpdated (Year/Month)
E-Series Full Spectrum Sales Sheet2014.05
E-Series Full Spectrum Technical Specitications2014.05
Panorama Pro LED Module V2.0 Specifications & Sales Sheet2014.04
Cannon 100w Flood LED Pendant Specifications2014.05
EcoPico Aquarium Sales Sheet & Updated Specifications2013.06
Stunner LED Strip Sales Sheet & Specifications2013.06
Inventronics 100w Dimmable LED Specifications2013.06
RGB PAR38 Lamp Specifications2013.06
Simple OneTouch LED Controller Sales Sheet2013.05
Panorama Pro LED Modules V2.0 Specifications2013.05
100w Cannon Ellliptical LED Pendant Specifications2014.03
EcoPico LED Strip Specifications2013.05
Simple OneTouch LED Controller Specifications2012.12
Cannon 120w Circular LED Pendant Specifications2012.12
Cree PAR38 LED Lamp Specifications2012.09
Panorama Actinic Blue LED Specification 2012.07
Panorama Marine LED Specification Sheet2012.07
Panorama Marine LED Sizing Guide2012.07
Panorama Actinic Blue LED Sizing Guide2012.07
Panorama Freshwater Module Specifications2012.06
RGB Panorama Pro Spectrum Graph2011.12
LED Chip Spectrum Graphs2011.12
Panorama Pro 18" LED Fixture Specifications2011.12
Panorama Pro 24" LED Fixture Specifications2011.12
Panorama LED Freshwater Module Specifications2011.11
Dimmable & Non-Dimmable 60 watt LED Meanwell Driver Specifications2011.11
EcoPico Desktop Aquarium Specifications2011.11
LED Accessory Specifications2011.11
LED Accessory Specifications2011.11
Stunner LED Strips 6 watt, 12" Specifications2011.06
Stunner LED Strips 12 watt, 24" Specifications2011.06
Stunner LED Strips 18 watt, 36" Specifications2011.06
Stunner LED Strips 24 watt, 48" Specifications2011.06
Non-Dimmable Meanwell 100 watt LED Driver2011.04
Dimmable 100 watt Meanwell LED Driver Specifications2011.04
Panorama LED Modules V1.02010.12
Panorama Generation 1 LED Fixture Specifications2010.09
Panorama 36 LED Retrofit Specifications2010.07
0-10V Ramp Timer LED Controller2014.05

Tech Tips

DescriptionUpdated (Year/Month)
Sizing Guide for Canopies - Marine Aquariums 2012.02
Connecting DA ReefKeeper to Dimmable LED Drivers2012.01
Connecting APEX Controller to Dimmable LED Drivers2012.01
Acclimating Your Corals to LED Lights2012.01
Panorama Pro LED Fixture Sizing Guide2011.12
Updated Coral Planning Map for Panorama Pro LED Fixtures2011.12
Panorama Pro LED Fixture Module Configuration Guide2011.12
Tech Tip - Retrofitting LEDs into a NanoAquarium 12-14 Gal with Soft Coral2011.12

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