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EcoPico Desktop Reef Aquarium

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  • EcoPico Desktop Reef Aquarium
  • EcoPico Reef at Night
  • Arm Light with 3 Stunners
  • EcoPico Aquarium
  • 3 Way Splitter
  • Modern, artistic design
  • Simple set up & maintenance
  • Energy efficient – costs less than $0.40/month to operate
  • Reef Ready LED lighting
  • Lighting does not promote algae growth
  • Safe/low voltage
  • EcoPico Glass Aquarium
  • Glass Top w/mounting clips
  • Aquarium filter & pump
  • Nano-Arm LED Light
  • 2- Additonal LED Strips
  • One 3-way splitter
  • Energy efficient
  • No lamp replacement – Long Lasting LEDs.
  • No mercury
  • Aluminum Light – highly recyclable
  • Tank dimensions: 10” x 10” x 12”
  • Tank volume: 5.1 gallons
  • Light spectrum: 12,000K White & 453nm Actinic Blue
  • Total watts: 15 watts
  • Pump flowrate: 80 gph/300lph

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Nano-Reef Ready

EcoPico Desktop Reef

Based on the inspired design of the EcoPico, the Reef-Ready version gets a boost in the lighting department. Upgraded to include two additional LED strips you're ready to keep even the most light loving corals.

Limited on space or just need a piece-of-the-reef on your desk at work. The EcoPico Reef's surprisingly simple and elegant design will complement any decor. No plastic frame, no bulky filter and no rain gutter shaped light. Redesigned down to the essential elements, this rimless aquarium system will turn your reef aquascape into a piece of art.
The EcoPico aquarium system includes 5mm glass rimless aquarium, discreet internal filter with pump, beveled glass top with mounting clips, LED lighting arm with 3-12K white/blue LED Strips, 3-way splitter with switches and step-by-step instructions.

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Complete Pico Reef Kit: