Meet the light that changed everything. For over 8 years, the Cannon series LED has become the industry standard for larger aquatic and zoological exhibits. Designed with focus around the needs of the animals, the aquarist, and the exhibit theme – its a highly adaptable light that’s been used in aquariums and zoos around the world.

Now delivering over 20% more light than its predecessor, our new high-density LED multi-chip emitter coupled with polished reflector and glass optical lens produces a sharp beam of light – penetrating water and air more effectively than metal halides.


When it comes to penetrating water, nothing comes close. Featuring the latest in high-density LED emitter technology, the Cannon PRO LED is available in multiple industry-specific color spectrums. Coupled with interchangeable glass optical lenses and a polished reflector, it’s easy to customize and adapt to create a tailor-made lighting solution for almost any exhibit.

Featuring a marine-grade die cast aluminum housing, its thermally efficient and very effective at transferring heat without the need of a cooling fan. The entire light is IP67 rated and ETL approved for wet environments, providing long life in even the harshest environments.

Cannon PRO 160 LED light beam spread
High density LED chip emitters coupled with glass optics allow the Cannon PRO LED to penetrate water deeper than metal halides


An integrated aluminum swivel bracket delivers light exactly where you want it, providing 360° rotation and 0°- 60° tilt. Glass optical lenses (45°, 60°, 90°, and 120°) delivers light uniformly to a precise target area with an exceptionally high punch rate and optimal spread. Included silicone lens snoot helps prevents any light spillage.


The Cannon 160 LEDs incorporates the latest in Meanwell LED driver technology. Featuring a robust circular profile, modular swivel design and excellent beam quality, you can light virtually any themed exhibit without sacrificing performance.

  • Powerful multi-chip LED efficiently penetrates water
  • Easy to adjust beam angle and light direction
  • Plug-and-light installation, no wiring required
  • Modular – use multiple LEDs together, adjust and blend
  • Dimmer compatible – 1-10%, PWM, Internal Dial
  • ETL Approved for Wet Environments, IP 65 Rated


Cannon PRO LEDs are available in six color spectrums and include mounting swivel brackets, 3 glass optical lenses, snoot, 120VAC power cord and mounting hardware.

68708,000K White + RGB7023 lm81.181.2 lm/w86.5w>7,500 hrIR Infrared w/Remote - Adjust Color & Intensity
687110,000K WHITE11700 lm86.982.7 lm/w134.5w>7,500 hr1-10V, PWM, Internal Dial - Adjust Intensity
68725,000K WHITE (FULL SPECTRUM)13233 lm73.9101.7 lm/w132.2w>7,500 hr1-10V, PWM, Internal Dial - Adjust Intensity
68738,000K / UVA9516 lm81.469.7 lm/w137.7w>7,500 hr1-10V, PWM, Internal Dial - Adjust Intensity
6874True RED 660nm / BLUE 460nm10216 lm74.575.9 lm/w134.6w>7,500 hr1-10V, PWM, Internal Dial - Adjust Intensity
6878MARINE ACTINIC6528 lm80.275.3 lm/w86.7w>7,500 hrIR Infrared w/Remote - Adjust Color & Intensity
6879450-460nm BLUE2612 lm65.120.3 lm/w130.5w>7,500 hr1-10V, PWM, Internal Dial - Adjust Intensity


Total Height : 310/397mm
Diameter: 160mm
Weight: 3.17 kg
Material: Aluminum
Snoot Length (optional):63.5mm


Input Voltage: 90-305VAC
Output Voltage: 36VDC
Power Consumption: ~ 55w/~115-125w
Working Temp: -40 to +60C
Working Humidity: 20~95% RH
Driver: Meanwell HBG160 Series (160 watt)
Protections: Short circuit/ over current / over voltage / over temp
Built-in PFC Function, high efficiency 93.5%
Driver Certifications: UL, cUL, CE
Dimming Input: 0-10V, PWM and Resistance
Driver Warranty: 5 years

Cannon PRO LEDs are compact in size and can be mounted almost anywhere.

Each CannonPro LED Pendant is pre-assembled and includes:
1 – High density multichip LED
1 – Swivel mounting bracket and mounting hardware
1 – Meanwell HBG160 LED driver
1 – Threaded eye hook with safety harness cable
3 – Glass optical lenses – 60º, 90º & 120º (90º pre-installed)
1 – 2.5” Aluminum light snoot
Complete Instructions

** Models 6870 & 6878 include integrated controller and wireless remote **(These models are not connectable to an external controller)

Optional Accessories:
Pipe/strut clamp for 3-4” dia pipe
0-10V Ramp LED Controller (controls up to 12 Cannons)
Adjustable hanging kit (120”)
* Additional optical lenses available on request


Cannon PRO 160 Instruction Manual

Cannon PRO 160 Datasheet

Replacement LED Chip Instructions

1-10V Controller Instructions