In-Depth LED Light Specification

  • Simple local and/or Wifi App Control
  • 4 Stunning color spectrums
  • Use as a direct HID, Halide Replacement Lamp
  • Includes mogul socket in either E27 or e39
  • Integrated light snoot

One solution for every fixture type

The next generation QuadPro LED Series is engineered for ultimate flexibility. Integrated electronics and plug-and-play socket connection requires no wiring

The Original Light Caster

Cannon PRO LED Pendants

Incredibly powerful by design, the new Cannon Pro delivers 20% more light output than its predecessor.

Featuring new high-density multi-chip LED emitters coupled with glass optical lenses, they produce an intense, sharp beam of light – penetrating air and water more efficiently than metal halides, opening up new possibilities for commercial aquarium and zoo illumination.

Powerful by Design.

ETL Approved for wet environments

Available in 6 color spectrums

Includes adjustable swivel bracket for easy install

3 Glass optical lenses to optimize penetration and spread